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What Makes Rosa Damascena Biocellulose Peel Mask Special

Chemicals and preservatives are known to be harmful to the skin, but they have to be added in most skincare products to ensure product stability. Most of today’s marketing claims to have “preservative-free” products but in reality they are mainly using alcohol or alternative preservatives instead of actual preservatives. They still contain anti-corrosion and antiseptic ingredients, some of the actual mask films have anti-corrosion properties, and they are not really without any preservatives. Since unnecessary and harmful additives are also known to prevent the absorption of active ingredients into the skin, simpler ingredients are almost always the way to go when you want the full effects of a face mask. Midflower has repeatedly tried and tested different strategies and technologies to finally break through this difficulty with a unique process to produce the first 0 preservative and 0 chemical additive face mask. The Rosa Damascena Biocellulose Peel Mask, from the film to the essence, does not add any preservatives and any anti-corrosive alternatives. Best of all, the amazing mask contains only one single ingredient: fresh rosewater from Bulgaria!

Yes you heard right, one single ingredient! Midflower is the first and only mask in the world with the patented technology that can produce an all natural face mask that has only 1 ingredient with no artificial preservatives or chemicals at all. The chosen ingredient, as mentioned before, is no other than the fragrant and nutritious rosewater, imported from our own garden in Bulgaria. Known as "skincare’s wonder", the Bulgarian rose water is rich in more than 300 skincare nutrients. It is brightening, non-irritating, moisturizing, firming and soothing... Feel the obvious change in your skin after one use! Our team invested heavily in signing with the Bulgarian Rose Valley and set up a collaboration to have our own garden in the best roses-growing area of the world, which not only ensures the stability of the rose source, but also guarantees the rosewater is in line with EU standards from the place of origin, planting, to production. All of our rosewaters are imported and can be traced from production, packaging, and transportation to storage. The Rosa Damascena Biocellulose Peel Mask is also manufactured in accordance with GMP production standards to ensure absolute safety.

The Damascena rose of Bulgaria is one of the most nutritious flower in the world. These beautiful flowers in the Rose Valley of Bulgaria have only two months of flowering and 80 hours of harvest a year, attributing to its rare and unique traits. Because of the short blooming session and our goal of maintaining the fresh qualities of the flower water all year round, roses are picked, extracted, distilled, and purified on the same day. It will also be refrigerated to preserve the freshness. The finished product will then be transported in 8 degrees Celsius to ensure the absolute freshness of the rose water.



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