• Why Rose Water Is Amazing For Your Skin

    If you’re a seasoned skincare addict, then you’ll have noticed how popular rose water is within the beauty industry. The ingredient appears in everything from sheet masks to facial sprays and toners. For thousands of years, people have been using rose water for its beauty and skincare benefits, and it has a cult-following amongst celebrities and beauty editors alike. Rose water is one of...
  • Five Benefits of Sheet Mask For Your

    For many of us, a sheet mask is a part of our skincare regime. You might choose to use one for a relaxing evening, or sheet masks might be a weekly part of your routine. If you spend any time on social media, you have likely seen your friends and celebrities posting photos of themselves wearing sheet masks for a quick treatment. Perhaps you...
  • Silkara Sheet Masks - A New Generation of Face Masks

    Ever wondered why all of our masks are so soft, light, and always feels snug on your skin with no slippage? The secret actually lies within our unique “Silkara” sheet mask, made from all natural plant-based fiber using our most innovative technologies. Midflower not only spent years of research on the most hydrating and pure essence to put in our masks, we also created...
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